This rug provides comfort combined with a long cooling period, being especially suitable for hot days when the dog needs to stabilize its body temperature.


- sponge / gel filling (2 cm)

- Imitation nylon (polyester)

- promotes thermoregulation

- cooling effect achieved through body contact

- works without additional cooling, electricity or water

- cools down for several hours

- ready to be reused after a short interruption

- can also be used in beds, kennels or in the car

- easy cleaning: just wipe with a cloth

This product has the Animal Welfare seal: guarantee of excellence!

Many of the Trixie products bear the animal welfare seal. This seal is an official certification for products that comply with the provisions of the Austrian animal welfare law, one of the most demanding regulations in Europe. It is granted by an independent body, located at the Veterinary University of Vienna, which checks whether the breeding, accommodation and accessories for pets are in compliance with this law. In order to achieve certification, all innovative products are required to undergo scientific and practical examinations, in addition to being the subject of surveys in reference breeding establishments and comparisons with similar products. Exams carried out in other countries are also taken into account. Therefore, any product with this symbol is guaranteed to be a product of excellence for animals.

Type: Colchão

Brand: Trixie

Color: Cinza