Dental care is important for dogs in preventing cavities, tartar and bad breath. Snacks in the Dentafun line have special ways to keep teeth clean, in addition to being more solid than normal snacks, providing good entertainment to the animal, while dealing with dental health.

Chicken Love snacks are ideal to give the animal between meals. They have chicken meat and thick bovine skin in their composition for a long period of chewing. These snacks do not contain gluten, so they help to reduce the animal's food sensitivities. The recipe without added sugars, in addition to being beneficial to your dog's health, helps to control your weight.


- Contains bovine skin wrapped in chicken

- They help with dental hygiene and promote fresh breath

- Strengthen teeth and chewing muscles

- Help prevent plaque and tartar

- Gluten free

- No added sugar

- Package of 150 units (25 gr each)

Give as a snack between meals or to reward the animal for good behavior.

Make sure your dog always has fresh water available.

Dimension: 6 cm

Type: Snack

Brand: Trixie

Weight: 25 g

Flavor: Frango