Almo Nature


- Natural moist food developed for dogs.

- With ingredients originally developed for human consumption and which guarantee excellent quality for animals.

- Super premium range that uses only “real” meat or fish, without bones, legs, feathers, organs.

- Ingredients cooked in the broth itself, thus preserving all its nutrients.

- Gluten free

- Without GMOs, dyes, preservatives and flavorings


- Meat and animal derivatives, cereals (rice 4%), fish and fish derivatives (tuna * 8%, salmon * 8%), oils and fats (chicken fat 5%), derivatives of vegetable origin (cellulose 0.5%, chicory inulin 0.1%), yeasts, minerals.


- Crude protein: 9%

- Crude fiber: 0.1%

- Gross fat: 11%

- Crude ash: 1%

- Humidity: 76%

- Energy value: 1420 Kcal / kg

After opening, store in a refrigerator and consume within 1 day.

For a balanced diet you must alternate between different types of meat and fish, in a proportion of 20% wet food and 80% dry food.

100% of the profits from sales of Almo Nature products go to projects that promote the protection of dogs, cats and biodiversity!

Type: Alimento húmido

Brand: Almo nature

Flavor: Frango