The "Dental" cookies from the Cliffi Nature Bakery line are formulated with 100% natural ingredients and perform a mechanical tooth cleaning action thanks to their crunchy consistency. They contain substances that contribute to the well-being of teeth and gums: parsley, useful for naturally maintaining a fresh and pleasant breath, and green tea that helps to fight halitosis. They are prepared without palm oil and with whole flours of farro, oats and rye, naturally rich in fibers and of great importance for the well-being of the organism. These rediscovered grains, in addition to having excellent organoleptic properties, reduce the risk of sensitivity because they are generally less used. They are baked in the oven and formulated without the addition of sugars, artificial colors and preservatives. Cured cheese, naturally lactose-free, makes the biscuits particularly tasty and pleasant.

Content: 200 gr

Type: Snack

Brand: Cliffi

Weight: 200 g